Plenary Speakers:

Amir_reducedProf Amir Yacoby, (Harvard University, USA) will talk about Exploring Condensed Matter Physics Using Nitrogen Vacancy Magnetometers




newtonProf Mark Newton (Warwick University, UK) will talk about new defects in diamond




lohkpProf Kian Ping Loh (National University of Singapore) will describe the chemist view on synthesis of carbon nanomaterials



Invited Speakers:                                          
dean-hoProf Dean Ho (UCLA, USA)

Title: The Clinical Translation of Nanodiamonds


ryong-rooProf Ryong Ryoo (KAIST, Korea)
Title: Zeolite-templated facile synthesis of 3D graphenic carbons for electrical energy storage



Dr Alastair Stacey (Uni of Melbourne, Australia)
Title: Carbon Defects at the Diamond Surface: Implications for Quantum Devices




Prof Bingqing Wei (Uni Delaware, USA)
Title: Improved Energy Conversion and Storage by Tailoring Carbon Nanostructures.



Prof Christian Degen (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Title: Nanoscale sensors made from diamond





Prof Mutsuko Hatano (Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan)
Title: Diamond device technologies for quantum sensors




Prof Petr Cigler (AS, Czech Republic)
Title: Nanoscale monitoring of chemical processes using nanodiamonds with nitrogen-vacancy centers



Young Investigator Network (YIN)Prof Wolfram Pernice (Uni Muenster, Germany)
Title: Diamond nanophotonic circuits





Prof Nicolas Rouger (Grenoble, France)
Title: “Diamond devices for power electronics”





Prof Li-Chyong Chen (National Taiwan Uni, Taiwan)
Title: Highly efficient photocatalytic CO2 conversion to selective hydrocarbons using graphene oxides and related 2D hybrids.



Prof Anyuan Cao (Peking Uni, China)
Title: Carbon Nanotube Sponges and Energy Storage Applications



Prof Hua Zhang (Nanyang Uni, Singapore)
Title: Synthesis and Applications of Novel Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials



francesca-iacopiProf Francesca Iacopi (Univ of Tech Sydney, Australia)
Title: Towards wafer –level graphene on silicon



Prof Martin Pumera (Nanyang Uni, Singapore)
Title: 2D materials chemistry for sustainable future: proton and CO2 reduction




Prof Shery Chang (Arizona State Uni, USA)
Title: Surface structure, defect and chemistry of nanodiamond particles measured using advanced (scanning) transmission electron microscopy


91Dr Hiromitsu Kato (AIST, Japan)
Title: n-type doping and interface control for inversion p-channel diamond MOSFET



photo-wy-zhouProf Weiya Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Title: Carbon nanotube yarns and their potential applications