Welcome to the 11th Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons


Thank you all for making NDNC 2017 a great conference!

Just a reminder that accepted abstracts for both oral and poster presentations are encouraged to submit a full paper that will be published in a special issue of Diamond and Related Materials (DRM). Please submit your manuscript through the journal website.  When submitting, please select SI: NDNC 2017.  Regular peer review process will apply, in according with the journal standards. Deadline for submission 30th June 2017.

All papers will be treated as normal DRM papers, they will received double peer-review, and as it’s a Virtual Special Issue, they will be added to a regular DRM issue that is open at the time of acceptance. This means an accepted paper will not only get a DOI and put online as soon as accepted (which is normal for all papers, they are online max. 5 days after acceptance), but will also have an issue and page numbers very fast.

The 11th International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons 2017 will be held in Cairns, Australia on the shore of the Great Barrier Reef. The conference spans wide research topics from fundamental physical and chemical concepts to applied technologically driven applications with carbon based materials. Those include, but not limited to single crystal diamond, nanodiamonds, carbon nanotubes, graphene and other carbon nanostructures. The meeting will be an excellent forum for both junior and senior scientists, engineers and industry leaders that can enjoy the tantalizing Queensland weather while exchanging and discussing ideas and results. The conference will include Plenary, Invited, Contributed (Oral and Poster) presentations.

The topics of the conference include, but not limited to: 

  • Carbon materials in Energy
  • Color centers in diamond
  • Diamond and Carbon in biology
  • Novel carbon materials
  • Nanodiamonds for sensing
  • Diamond growth and doping
  • Surfaces and interfaces of carbon materials
  • Theoretical modelling of carbon materials
  • Electronic, spintronic and optical properties of diamond
  • Device Structures
  • Graphene and other 2D materials
  • MEMs
  • Electrochemistry of diamond and nanocarbon materials
  • Diamond-like carbon and amorphous carbon
  • Hybrid carbon materials

Chairs: A/Prof Brant Gibson and A/Prof Igor Aharonovich

Brant Igor photo

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Prof Steven Prawer (University of Melbourne)
  • Prof Dan Li (Monash University)
  • Prof Michael Fuhrer (Monash University)
  • Prof Qin Li (Griffith University)
  • Prof Chris Pakes (Latrobe University)
  • Prof Dougal McCulloch (RMIT)
  • Prof Nigel Marks (Curtin University)

International Advisory Board: 

  • Petr Cigler (Czech republic)
  • Oliver Williams (UK)
  • Tokuyuki Teraji (Japan)
  • Olga Shenderova (USA)
  • Anke Krueger (Germany)
  • Phillipe Bergonzo (France)
  • Hong-Xing Wang (China)
  • Hiromitsu Kato (Japan)
  • Jose Garrido (Spain)
  • Paul May (UK)
  • Yonhua Tzeng (Taiwan)
  • Wenjun Zhang (HongKong)
  • K. P. Loh (Singapore)
  • Byung Hee Hong (Korea)
  • Elke Neu (Germany)
  • Anirudha Sumant (USA)
  • Julien Pernot (France)
  • Greg Swain (USA)
  • Huan-Cheng Chang (Taiwan)
  • Zhuang Liu (China)
  • Ying (Ian) Chen (Australia)
  • Marcus Doherty (Australia)
  • Etienne Gheeraert (France)
  • Andrew Greentree (Australia)
  • Li Song (China)
  • John Stride (Australia)

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